Vdategames betsy walkthrough

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Return to Free sexy games. Virtual Date Games - Betsy Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. Re: Virtual Date Games - Betsy by EscapeEvade » Mon, 16Jun27 kiljaedan wrote: Hmm there is 1 point missing in the walkthrough and i have done everything as you mentioned so it is left out.

I'd have to look through how all the points are captured file by file to see where a point of the 41 confidence for Betsy is being missed. Unless an April or Violet encounter is being missed, that is.

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Did everyone having problems play as a female? The full walkthrough is now on my site for those who need it. What are the love-confidence requirements for Betsy getting the role and the foursome? I got following the walkthrough as a female and didn't got it. Did you tutor April? Did you have 2 clue from violet to know her secret love?

I tutored April. And yes sex in sachoold happened. Re: Virtual Date Games - Betsy by Hoboy » Mon, 16Jun27 As long as April showed up right after Violet was about to say who it was in the cafeteria then yes - you should have had the points. Again - playing as female or male? I have not run through as a female yet EDIT - actually it is still a missed point for Betsy's confidence, as if April and Violet kissed at the prom then all their points are there.

Betsy still needs 41 to get the part in the play, so there is still a missed point there. Last edited by Hoboy on Thu, 16Jun30edited 1 time in total. Unfortunately, I didn't notice where the missed point occurred. Re: Virtual Date Games - Betsy by jaques » Mon, 16Jun27 I followed the walkthrough as female and did not get a successful ending - got everything else leading up to it school sex, Violet and April together but the ending still had Betsy not take the lead role in the play.

Just the two of us. Actually, I wanted to buy you some clothes. Let's meet up with Violet. That's always fun. The only way to reach vdategames betsy walkthrough good endings is meet Violet but if you do so you can't go to store and you can't reach nice pics in ending. Something like : Are stores closed yet? Re: Virtual Date Games - Betsy by TheGreatJoeGargery » Mon, 16Jun27 Instead of only one "good" path through the game what I would have liked to have seen is the ability to do different things on different days where you have to get to a certain amount of points to progress to the next tier of dates.

So on day one you could pick to go bowling, but just going bowling alone wouldn't have enough points to progress to the next tier, even if you do it perfectly, so the next day you have the option of buying her clothes or hanging out with Violet. Then, when you get enough points, you get the option of vdategames betsy walkthrough nightclub date, the pool date or the stay at home date.

The hanging out with Violet date would give you enough points on it's own to progress if you do it right, or if you miss a few points then you have to do another date. Then when you get enough points the photo shoot date becomes available. You can put a limit of 3 dates before you have to progress to the photo shoot or lose the game, so basically you can choose one date not on the "good ending path" and play it, and perhaps get a bonus scene at the end for the one "other" date you select, but only if you beat the game.

I liked that it was about a real relationship instead of a "meet, say nice things, and have sex. I really liked that, even when you didn't do well enough to have sex, it had a good ending. It was cool that there was an overriding goal besides getting into Betsy's pants. You really desperately need to compress the images though. The download is M, but should be more like In the Adventure Creator distribution there's a tool called jpgConv that will bulk convert your images if you want.

If you need any help running it, don't hesitate to ask. I like deep stories and I don't play these games just to play as many sex scenes as possible. Vdategames betsy walkthrough my opinion this is chaotics best work. I love the challenge and I love to start over to max the outcome. The only thing I was missing in this game were some savepoints. Graphics aren't that important for me.

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I love playing aif games and there are mostly no graphics at all, there is everything about the story and the fantasy, but I enjoy games with graphics too. Only games with bad graphics are a mood killer. I also value agency a lot. But I do feel you have to decide if you are evaluating an art or a craft.

Right at the border between a game and a book is a visual Novel. I have not played this game yet, but I do believe it leans towards the visual novel. In this commentary you appear to appreciate games more than visual novels. So a tendency to be critical at the lack of agency in the game is only to be expected. I think your point of vdategames betsy walkthrough is perfectly legitimate. But i have my doubts it warrants the harsh points of constructive criticism you give.

If the game is considered a craft, then unevocably yes. I for myself consider it more of an art.

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And then your criticism is not very to the point. The point being the thing that the artist is trying to convey. That doesn't necessarily has to be a sexual fantasy at all. It can also be a sexual fantasy with certain constraints. You don't have to like the constraints. But saying that it would be a better game without them is saying you think a game would be better with less intentional and more accidental parts.

If you take away the intentional parts then what is left is no longer a work of art a thing the creator wants to convey but has become a craft a thing the player wants to consume.

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I think your feedback is very valuable to Chaotic for keeping tabs on what his audiance wants. But I disagree on the points you make in your criticism sofar as them leading to a better game. Because that is primarily dependent on what the creator intends to convey.

Vdategames betsy walkthrough

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Vdategames betsy walkthrough