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Accusations that the racy low-budget trivia game features a topless minor set off some major legal action. Introduction 2. When the bonus question appears, guess it as normal, but write down the correct answer. The game is split into rounds. At the end of the day, I have to be honest and say that I have actually played way worse trivia games than this before.

Did you miss me??? In addition to the above trivia contest, the player gains bonus points by guessing if the girl or girls answered the same trivia question correctly. It is not an amazing game, but I would also have to say it is not as garbage as many other people will lead you to believe. While it is easy to get lost on the boobs and the controversy over that year-old girl that is in the game.

This movie explains how the first round of The Guy Game works. I Wanna Be The Guy 1. The best way to describe The Guy Game is that it is a trivia game, a trivia game where the goal is to get rid of the censor so that you can see the the guy game gameplay uncut of these spring break hotties. I can see why some people would be offended by this. I'm finally back into the walkthrough writing scene and with a game that's for adults only. The Guy Game: Game Over, is not a playable product, but a compilation of now-uncensored footage from the vaporized title.

Web site for Top Heavy's male-oriented quiz-show game opens, extra features coming soon. Oh yeah, did I mention if the girl gets the question incorrect, she has to flash her boobs to the crowd? Each … These bonus points fill the 'flash-o-meter'?. The game is crude, but it does not take itself too seriously and at the end of the day are boobs really that bad? Shot live at South Padre Island, this Red-Hot Trivia Challenge lets you play with over 60 smokin' coeds during Spring Break Insanity, as they proudly show off their 'assets' for your personal enjoyment.

While it is a trivia game, at least they tried to spice it up with some variety. We have seen adventure games like Leisure Suit Larry and biking games like BMX XXX that take the sex angle but The Guy Game opts for a more traditional trivia game wrapped around actual video shot on location at spring break.

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WIP The game is illegal due to it including under-aged pornography, this game has caused Scott Wozniak to commit two crimes them being Owning the game and selling illegal items. There are also a of mini games which are variations of skee-ball and are mildly entertaining. New M-rated trivia game … Jul 29, am. Try to escape unscathed in this nice little platform game.

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Obviously there is no better motivation to do well at anything in life than the opportunity to see boobs. While some of the girls are decent, others are downright unattractive. It's like You Don't Know Jack with boobs.

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The Guy Game Review. Summary: The Guy Game, a new video game based around the insanity that is Spring Break, was shot live on location on South Padre Island during Break, and challenges players to match wits with over 60 attractive co-eds, all of whom are set on showing off their best "assets. To top it off, if you manage to fill the meter, you unlock the hottie challenge, which is a collection of various competitions where the girls battle it out jump roping, hula hooping, sack racing and other assorted challenges all topless.

Posted: 30 Aug pm. Privacy Policy. In addition, I intentionally placed the word 'hotties? Is Howard Stern your idol?

White Dad SHAMED for BLACK SON, What Happens Next Is Shocking - Dhar Mann

By IGN Staff. A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game. It takes forever to get it all the way up, but the game actually does have some charm to it, well charm in a sleazy way if you know what I am saying. Check out just one of the difficult questions you'll have to answer in The Guy Game. The guy game gameplay uncut Guy Game is a simple, adult-oriented trivia game that became infamous when it was revealed that one of the girls who appeared nude in the game was underage, and the game was technically considered child pornography by American law.

What is the flash meter you ask? Presented in a trivia gameshow style supporting up to four players, it consists of … 2. Guy Game Web site goes live. There is also a lot of footage too so if you play through this a couple of times, you will not see the same footage over and over again.

Please add The Guy Game Uncut to your store. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Round 2 was changed into a winner-take-all round and the game played was a version of "Grocery List" where the mandatory ingredients were already packed in a Christmas stocking.

It all depends on your answer to the three questions. Look, as soon as you see the box of The Guy Game, you know what this is all about. Before moving forward with this review, I need to present you, the readers, with three simple questions to help you determine if you should continue reading: 1. The Guy Game Game-Show Video game released 30 August A trivia game show type video game where you answer questions to get woman to expose their breasts.

Before they give their answers, First off, going in to this review, I had no idea what type of game The Guy Game was. First released on October 5,the game is no longer in active development, though the game's source code was released by Kayin in and a remastered edition was released in Following sales ban, hormone-heavy game ditches interactivity and skips to uncensored titillating DVD. Will the lovely contestant get the question right? Kill-The-Guy is the custom song featured in this game, and it is a rework of the game's original soundtrack. Are you male between the ages of 18 and 24?

The first one will have you just trying to answer questions, you then get to see the girls get asked the same question and you have to guess if they get it right or wrong. The core of the game is comprised of text screen trivia giving the user the opportunity to answer as quickly as possible coupled with high quality video of 'spring break hotties'?

The reason that you are taking part in the quiz that The Guy Game is offering you is to see these ladies in all their glory.

I Wanna Be The Guy - Complete Run (Part 1 of 5)

Tapping in to college age males and adolescent immature love of boobs, publisher Gathering and developer Top Heavy Studios are hope to score big combining drinking, trivia and naked women with videogames. Create a new topic. This is where the game falters a bit.

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Editor's Note, January 6, Given that The Guy Game … There is a weird basketball kind of round and another where you need to figure out what wrong answer the girl said. Watch and find out! What I did not mention was that until you fill your 'flash-o-meter'? By today's HD and 4K standard, the footage is not exactly the sharpest, but back then it was decent enough. If you're up for a little bit of trivia with a dirty sense of humor and you have three like-minded friends, The Guy Game won't let you down.

The game features the New release pits gamers against a bevy of competitive, if not underdressed, coeds. Want to start us off? I don't follow any of their laws and have illegal games myself. After every question there is video footage—shot during spring break festivities on South Padre Island—of host Matt Sadler giving the same question to young females in bikinis referred to as "hotties". When you see arrows floating on the … The Guy Game, which was shot live on South Padre Island during spring break, challenges you and your friends to match wits with more than 60 female coeds.

Directed by Shawn Levy. Terms of Use The object is to walk away with the most cash at the end of the game. This is actually quite high-quality and I have no complaints about it at all. New Games Next in Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Does it work? An FMV-based trivia game, The Guy Game pits you and up to three other players in a series of rounds in which you must answer multiple-choice trivia questions for top scores.

Version History 3. It has made early versions of the game very sought after, not because of the underage girl, but because they are incredibly rare! Take a look at the first footage of this adult themed party game in this trailer. The questions tend to be on a basic blue screen and that is fine, it is easy to read and understand what you have to do. If you guess correctly, you earn bonus points. In addition, there is a version of a drinking game called Presidents and Aholes which is a mildly amusing party game. As far as the presentation of the game goes, it is mostly two styles.

There is a The guy game gameplay uncut and the more it fills up, the more the censorship will start to lift. The quicker you answer the trivia question, the more money you win. Overall though, I can't say the game is a recommended buy but if you answered yes to the questions at the beginning, you should be amused.

If they answer incorrectly, they are required to show their breasts. Assemblyman Leland Yee plans to bring back a failed proposal that would punish vendors who put violent games in kids' hands.

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Newest Games Next addition in Trivia game aimed squarely at testosterone-laden college students, spring breakers with time to kill, and any heterosexual guy with a Dual Shock. If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Guy Game may be just what you are looking for. How to play Friday Night Funkin Funk The Guy mod online: Despite Boyfriend not being the main character you inhabit, the way to win the rhythm game remains the same, so we hope you've got all the focus and concentration in the world you need!

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Guy brought in his son, Hunter, to help with the first game where each chef got a gift box with a mandatory ingredient inside related to their cooking style or hometown. Well, as I mentioned above, if a girl answers a question incorrectly, she is required by law to flash the crowd.

It's like a step back in time for me since my first walkthrough for GameFAQs was Sentimental Shooting and it's an adult video game as well. While it does not detract from the game, it does detract from the reward. The other portion of the game is all of the FMV.

The Guy Game Gameplay Movie 2. While I think it was a good idea to make you work a bit before you get the full peep show, the way you unlock the unobscured view ends up more blind luck than skill. The most interesting thing about The Guy Game is not the boobs from the spring break girls, but the lawsuit that followed this game for one of the girls only being 17!

The guy game gameplay uncut

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The guy game gameplay uncut