Sisters secret game walkthrough

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This versrion is more expensive, and also censored. To remove the censorship, download this file:. In the game player explores different locations, talks to various characters, collects items, combines them with each other and with the environment. The dialogs look like japanese games with the character appears in a close shot above the background. And of course, when you progress through the plot, you will see plenty of sexy action.

More about that later.

Doodle Champion Island Games (3/3) [22/22 Trophies]

You play as police officer John Rivera who unexpectedly gets involved sisters secret game walkthrough the investigation of a massive diamond heist. The evidence le you to the house of the main suspecta young man named Alexander Spencer. He is missingunfortunately, b ut hi s two sisters are still there a n d they could be the key to cracking the case and find ing the stolen goods. Diana is the older sister who recently turned S he is currently studying at law school where she learned quickly that her beauty holds ificant power over men and she never hesitates to use it to her advantage.

But is she really as innocent as she seems? How you go about it is entirely your ch oice. Now the most interesting part. Boobs, pussies and fucking. There will be 6 major sex scenes along with some nudity here and there. Player must complete the game at least 2 times to see all the h-content. He actually has some options in each scene. XXX Screenshots. It was always a mystery to me why there are no good sex video games.

I mean, there are a lot of people who enjoy porn and a lot of people who play video games. And a lot of people who do both. So, it is seems like an obvious thing to combine those things to double the fun. And of course it was done, a lot of times. But for one reason or another I was never satisfied with those products. I enjoyed some of them. Generally, there are very little choice player makes. Plus there is just too much texts and too little visuals for my taste.

I sure had a lot of fun with those. But there are no hardcore action. Occasional ass or half a nipple is everything player could see. Out of curiosity, what was the content that Nutaku made you remove for their version?

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Looking forward to this being completed. Good promise though. There is another way inside his room. You should figure out how to use it. Good luck. If the guy chooses to blackmail Diana with the camcoder, how does he get access to the letter, the chess piece and in turn the secret room?

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Spent almost 45 minutes looking for more blackmail material after threatening her with the footage, I think I might be stupid and just missing something obvious but I cannot for the life of me find it, please help. But I am unable to find a clue to get to the cellar from the library. There is only one brief scene where Diana is threatened with the recording and the protagonist forces himself on her for a brief cut scene. I am done with the Kitchen Cellar. I am done with the ring. If I am sweet to Diana, I have finished the demo after finding the letter and the chess piece.

But if I play bad, I cannot access the chess book without the letter. So I need something to threaten Diana with or I need something else to lure the other sister to share the letter. You should get the full scene with Diana.

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So you probably missed it before. I am pretty clueless at this stage. I have the liquor, the things from the kitchen. I have scouted the whole place, there is nothing that I am able to find new. Please help. I found the Sapphire Ring, but there is no use of that. So what other thing can I use to get the letter. I am eagerly waiting an update.

There is a bug.

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Even after finding the sapphire ring, the drain still says there is something shiny. As far as I understand I need the batteries for the flashlight in order to search in cellar? Where they are? How do I get Bob to give me the tool so I can unlock the liquor cabinet. Hey, how do I blackmail Diana? Also, great game, any news on release date? I am stuck. Stuck with james room, that should i do with handles? Stuck like many avec the blackmail with the recorder. The H-scenes are rewarding. The mechanic at the pool does not change his dialogue no matter how many times you test the COLD water valve….

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Try to use items in your inventory with each other. Also right-click on them, some items give different dialogue this way, like the magazine. Might I suggest perhaps some dialogue to make it easier for some people to use some items with others?

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Is that part included in this beta so I have to look better or is it not included yet? Might I suggest perhaps to add some dialogue that hints people to use what kind of items with each other? Might make it a little easier for all those people who get stuck.

I think Stuck at helping the plumber to get liquor, he cant find the leak and i just flipping the cold switch. Got no batteries for flashlight to explore cellar. Sigh… after much frustration I found the full blackmail scene. I was really confused from the above comments.

Ok, I cannot find the mechanic at all… only reason I know he exists is because people talk about him. Could someone just tell me if there is a spesific timing, or if there is something obvious I need to do to get access to him? Something about an overlay error with AGS. I have played it through twice but still cannot get past the butler sending me to my room. How do I get past that? Clicked everything I can click, tried to combine all items in the inventory, whatever triggers Bob to show up is not happening for me. Here I was thinking the puzzles in this game were much more logical and straightforward than most point and clicks, at least until this point….

Code should be easy enough to figure out once you get it. Sir, this is a sisters secret game walkthrough, great game, easily one of the best I ever played! Great job, waiting for the full version! Just run winsetup. There is an option to switch to windowed mode. CherrySock: Is there a Diana or Elizabeth only ending too? Can you plz send me a savegame to author cherrysock. Hello, do you have any idea how to get rid of from Elizabeth when she is at the backyard??

I think this is the ending I am missing. Have all the others. Can you please tell me how to get it? Also I apologize for not using spoilers earlier. I was super tired when I typed the message. Do I need another item? That easy? Was stucked for hours! Thanks for the help denmark Games Stuck I have finished the game once and watned to try the badboy ending I made the pancakes and get Elizabeth out of her room and got what i needed from it,but when i go back to the kitchen the pancakes are still there and i cant sisters secret game walkthrough anything cuase i already did everything possbile till this part… Elizabeth is gone and cannot be found in any of the rooms in the game.

Sisters secret game walkthrough

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