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Patrons will receive a guide journal every month to better deliver the full Sissy Maker experience. Warning: This guide contains spoilers! It couldn t be simpler than that.

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In the game, these are the commands you ll see. Talk - Talk with a character in sissy maker game guide current location. Move - Opens the main map or valid locations when inside a facility. Main Map - Shows the city panoramic. When you open the map, Chris and James stand idle around the city until you chose their destiny.

Any movement costs Chris 10 energy points. Rest - Recovers HP and Energy spent on daily activities. Stay - Makes Chris and James spend some time in the location. Look around - Checks the surroundings. If you need explore a location use this command. Job - Use this command to as for work, if one is available. Of course, you can change everything over the course of the game, but make sure to focus on what you like most.

It also modifies the Body Figure. At levels 4 and 5 it starts to make Chris body lean towards a male prominent figure. Stamina Used for resistance feats and modifies Energy level. More stamina means extra energy for Chris daily tasks. Dexterity Used for skill tests. Social: Bargain Used to unlock extra dialog options. Not yet in the game Intelligence Used to master new skills easier, also decides the success rate of jobs. Charisma Delivers affinity bonus points. Helps with dealing with people in general.

Sex Appeal Used to gauge sexual attraction. Some appearance points will also modify Sex Appeal levels.

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Not yet in the game. From C cup above it will affect Chris body figure towards female balance. Events, items and training, can make bring either of these conditions. Anus can switch from good to bad condition anytime. Energy Energy level There may be a energy bonus depending on stamina levels. Cash Money on hand spend it on stuff or save it. Debt The money Chris own James. Deadline The time Chris has left to pay James. If this runs out, the game ends.

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If you don't feel like finding the events yourself or you are struggling with ithere're more hints for the major events. Shall We? Available: v1. Available: v2. Talk with Chris at park during daytime and willing to hold Chris' hands when the option appears. Relationship between Chris and James is good enough. Relationship between Nady and James is good enough. Enough Nady's affinity. One of the dancing skill is good enough. Cup size is big enough. However, there're various ways to recover Chris' affinity. Otherwise, there's a penalty on anus condition.

At least 5 days after the first "robber" encounter Event 1 - Security vs Robber - Meet Security while walking on the street during morning or afternoon. At least 5 days sissy maker game guide the first "robber" encounter Event 2 - Security vs Skinhe - Meet Security while walking on the street during evening or late night. At least 2 days after Event 1 Event 3 - What's up security? Relationship between Chris and Kane is good enough. Requirement: After the "Nady checks the apartment" event, and the player decides to "walk around" in the park during morning or afternoon.

Bonus cash for the "babysitting" job. Show girl Additional CGs for the "show girl" job.

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Sissy maker game guide

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