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A subreddit for all types of sissy hypno videos and sissy conditioning media. Anything that will help sissies of all types become the sexy cock-hungry girly sluts you know you are and gain a deeper appreciation of cocks, real men, the delicious taste of cum, and other related sissy training. No idea how to get started? NOTE : No personals. They are useful - just not what this sub is about.

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Porn addiction. Or try Reverse Hypnosis. Give them a month of reddit gold. This a short list of erotic feminization games geared towards the sissy audience. I've personally arranged them by personal preference. The Masculine Mystique: This game is very hot, extremely well written, incredibly fun, and I strongly recommend you don't play it. It's abandoned, and doesn't really come to a satisfying conclusion. There is plenty here to masturbate over, but it will make you sad that it was never finished, and almost certainly will never be finished.

It's also pretty much all text, but it's pretty much all very well written text. Proceed at your own risk. Perverted Education: My favorite. The porn is kinda generic, almost all straight so far, and adds very little.

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I really like how it's about turning into a sissy rather than turning into a female through magic like 5 minutes in like most of what you find on TFgamessite. The writing is good, teetering on the threshold of great in some places.

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Best of all, it's still being developed. I particularly enjoy the way it works some hypno gifs in so you're kind of being hypnotized at the same time the character is. It's a bit grindy and some of the requirements are a little obtuse, which can lead to save scumming, but I actually like the grind.

It makes me feel like I'm "earning" my porn.

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Now if you'll excuse me, I need to download the rest of these and then masturbate myself inside out. Perverted Education had a profound effect on me, much deeper, and in some ways more troubling than any hypno has so far. Before I played it, I was just engaging in pure fantasy and fetishism, but after playing it for a few hours, I was beginning to start looking at myself differently. Whether that is good or bad is a matter of one's perspective. I'm not passing judgement, it's a very well developed game already with great potential.

Caveat emptor. Anytime a browser game does anything to piss me off, I try opening it in different browsers. It runs fine in Chrome for me.

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Beyond that, I guess just make sure the images are in their folder and you don't have any weird security settings preventing chrome from opening them? If you look at the properties of the image placeholder it'll tell you what file it's trying to open.

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For me, I think I ended up having to move the img folder, or perhaps it was moving the html file Something like that. You just look at the file path, as long as that file is there somewhere then bam it works. Changing browsers didn't really do much for me.

All his little reactions are a hint to what he wants next.

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For example, smirking and watching you squirm means he wants and ass job. You're a doll, I was stuck and soo confused! Also thanks for giving this a recommendation, I can't stop playing! I felt like most people know about this game already but yes:Trapquest is a great addition to the list. Your New Life! The sissiest path isn't implemented yet, but the ABDL path and the puppy-play paths are pretty much set. What happened to this guy?

My guess is that he's on no fap and he made this post during a relapse? Trials In Tainted Space is pretty open and flexible. I started my character as a male with a tiny penis and I ended up getting turned into a bimbo. Worked as a whore. Submitted to cock in most fights.

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Here's a few more games from the TF gamessite, NickTea already posted one of them but it's such a fun game it deserved a second post! If you enjoy any of the games leave a review, the game makers will appreciate it. I've haven't played it yet. Not sure it completely falls into the sissification category. From what I understand you are transformed into a full-fledged biological woman in the first few minutes of the perverted education game wiki. I've been playing this game for the past few days since I saw it mentioned by youactually and I can't seem to be able to stop.

Every time I try to do something else, I just come right back to Girl's Life. I understand why OP deleted his post, because this shit is super addicting. I just can't stop. Now I'm craving a Sims-like version of Girl's Life. That would be awesome.

I would probably never leave my house. Im glad to hear that. Dont worry the excitment about Girls Life goes away after few weeks : Anyway, you should also check "Sweet Games" - its a very early version and doesnt have much content yet, but when it will be finished it will rock. Please help contribute to the Reddit categorization project here.

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Contact me RedditJS. List of sissy games. Please select a payment method. PayPal Bitcoin Credit Card. Is there something similar, but only with Femdom and without "sissy" od "gay" stuff? Here's reviews of what I have played so far: The Masculine Mystique: This game is very hot, extremely well written, incredibly fun, and I strongly recommend you don't play it. Any ideas for a fix? I had such a good time with it! One of my favorites so far. I'd love some tips. The correct way to do it is to copy down his cues and the correct response to each.

Love the use of hypno gifs. Going to try some of these out.

Perverted education game wiki

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