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The Lust Doll Plus Wiki is a fan-made effort to help newer players learn about Lust Doll Plus, and more specifically the differences between it and the now-discontinued Lust Doll. Lust Doll had a wiki that explained much of the game, but a lot of that information is outdated due to things changing with the remake of the game.

Lust Doll V.2 -- Luminal

This wiki is not to be confused with the guide that Indivi is writing for their patrons and is not guaranteed to be completely accurate. There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

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It's an RPG and so it has 8 Stats that influence the story and combat. These stats can be raised through combat as well as specific events and other forms of grinding. The resilience stat increases your maximum Stamina and Lustwhich effectively work like health bars for your character. Most enemy attacks will decrease your stamina.

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Some will instead increase your lust. Running out of stamina or reaching maximum lust during an encounter will defeat you. The most efficient way to increase your resilience stat is by crunching at 24 hr Get Fit in New Ark City. The two main combat strategies are using either strength to deal stamina damage or erotic to deal lust damage.

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The most efficient way to increase these stats is by using them in combat or by working at their respective jobs in the New Ark Slums. See the Quick-Start Guide for more information. For more information, go to Character Creation. Lust Doll Plus Wiki Explore.

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Lust doll game guide

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