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Filed under gender games video games gender gap girl gamer gamer girl gamers interesting. Hijras now a separate gender. Hijras, who are neither male nor female, from now on will be considered as a separate gender in Bangladesh and will get priority for education and other rights.

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They will be referred as Hijras in both English and Bangla language. There are currently 10, Hijras living in the country he said, referring to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Social Welfare. This has led the government to consider them as a separate gender alongside the existing male and female sexes, he said.

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Filed under really interesting space fat ugly or slutty girl gamer gamer girl female gamer video games sexism. Of course, there has to be. Would love to make it more than a hot gamer girls tumblr from me to you, so looking forward to hopefully communicate over all the issues with everyone in some fashion.

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This whole post was like nails on a chalkboard to me. Holy fucking shit, son, we need to stop a minute and rap about the realities of the issues you are trying to address. Good things to incorporate in a good female villain would be a fully fleshed out character with a sympathetic story arc and plausible motives. Why is this a unique consideration separate from male characters?

Why are the only two physical options for a female character seductively hot or repulsively ugly? Or are you admitting that the only value a female character has is inherently tied into her appearance? Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is not subservient to Batman.

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She kicks ass, has a well developed story herself, and assists in many important ways. Just because she is not the main character does not mean she is not important or equal in the Batman universe. The narration simply centers around Batman and not Batgirl.

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Kathy Kane, however, is a subservient sidekick. Her story is, frankly, lackluster and lame in comparison to the colorful life of Barbara Gordon.

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So you see, the two women both fill the same role as sidekicks, and yet one is clearly more influential and relatable as a character than the other. Again, sidekick status does not imply that one is inferior to the other. It only implies that there is leadership in a group and that hot gamer girls tumblr is a fixed narrative perspective. If you write a sidekick as inferior, than that is your doing, but it is not a natural consequence of being a sidekick. What we are really criticizing is the lack of narratives from the female perspective! Women most definitely can work together, and should when given the opportunity.

Women should not be in competition with one another. When patriarchal notions pit women against each other, it only serves to distract us from the fact that patriarchy itself is the real enemy. Do women often get used as tools for male fantasy? When a female character is nothing but a glorified tool through which a man can enact excessively masculinized violence or machismo while simultaneously being able to ogle and objectify her, she has no purpose other than to fuel a male fantasy.

However, not all female heroes are violent, nympho, killing machines. Take Buffy Summers for instance. Her deal? Still kicking ass, but she is a well-rounded, wonderfully developed character with a vibrant personality and long story arc that consists of sympathetic and engaging events. She stands up for right, has flaws, and is supported by her friends and family.

She has a sexuality, but it is not her defining trait in anyway. The barbarian woman is a mindless, over-sexed, killing machine. Literally more machina than human. She is primal, compulsive, and devoid of humanizing characteristics. For this to be the main conception of female strength is both outlandish and unfair. It is frankly suggesting that the only way for a woman to be strong is to be dehumanized and masculinized. There are a few exceptions to the rule, such as my favorite female super hero, She-Hulk.

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She-Hulk is big, she is beefed up, and she is green. She clearly breaks conventions about stereotypical femininity. And yet?

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Jennifer Walters is an intelligent and gifted lawyer with aspirations and morals. She has flaws and strengths outside of being She-Hulk. The characterization of her transformation into She-Hulk is just as detailed and deliberate. She-Hulk is more outgoing and aggressive than Ms. Walters, which balances some of he original insecurities, and is a very empowered person. She has a pronounced libido, but it is not an emotionally detached sexuality that is typical of barbarian women. She still loves and cares for people, and embraces and empowers herself. This, my friend, is why many girls are never going to be interested in anything you write or develop.

We also never feel unwelcome in hot gamer girls tumblr or markets that hold femininity as frivolous or undesirable. These are archaic and colonial terms that no longer apply to our conception of geopolitics. It does not mean what you think it means. Just because some women live in worse situations than others does not mean that women living in your community are not experiencing sexism. You need to stop. You are largely bastardizing real criticism from women as consumers of media, and mutilating the intent behind them to lash out against feminism.

If you really want to know what women look for in a character, look at the ones we are consistently turning to for inspiration. We obviously have characters in video games, comics, tv, movies, books, and other forms of media that we love.

We plaster them all over the place and exalt them and go out of our way to shove them in your face because we want you to acknowledge these characters, and make more like them. We are literally doing the work for you. Also, look at the kinds of characters women themselves are making. They too have an inkling about what kinds of characters to write. This is clearly an issue on which I feel very stronglybecause I just wrote a short novel dispelling your inaccuracies. I want you to know where I am coming from. I want you to think about this critically, take it into your brain meat, and come to a place of enlightenment.

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Women are not crazy sociopathic naggers. These things matter to us because they actually fucking matter. Do us a favor, and just hear us out before you decide to go on a bullshit tirade that makes you and those like you like misogynistic douchehats.

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It might save you some time and pain next time.

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