Heroine rumble game

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We're rallying new Supporters to help us keep off Newgrounds! Please consider becoming a Supporter today! Shout out to travsaus for megaphone tankman! You have total control over your character s. Train her stronger with the Lewds dropped by enemies or from winning matches, fill her repertoire with all kind of lewd moves, dress her up to your liking, or even transform her body with unspeakable lewd methods.

And finally, decide her fate. Fully animated Yuri focused, with optional futa Over 50 unique "positions" Story Mode with character progression Destructible and customizeable outfits Build your own character. Don't like the default girl appearance, moveset, color or outfit?

No problem. Make your own! Adjustable controls, graphics options, heroine rumble game options. Recommended to play the web version on Chrome, but it should work on Firefox as well. It is a 3D game and it may take a while to load all the assets.

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If it freezes, try reloading the. This is an updated version compared to the html5 build. I think you should add Team Attacks. But since there is only one way to have more than 1 person on a team you probably won't be using it a lot. Also you don't have to have sex with the opponent to win.

Also Also, the best way to play at least to heroine rumble game is not buying any services and upgrading your character. Mostly for damage. Did it not say you might get beat up or have your virginity stolen? Additionaly I think you should add online. It could be making a private room with a code and sending the code to someone to have them your room. Now that I've beaten the game twice I played it on itch because I lost my save the game is shorter than I realized. I found a glitch where if you do a Team Battle with one person and dont finish the match and then start a new match the character you fought first will be there but won't move.

You can grab and attack them like having the AI setting at 0. I only was able to duplicating 1 fighter. You could try to get more. Another glitch where none of the voices work. I tried messing the volume then restarting the game. After restarting the game the voices work for 3 matches. Click Team Battle 2. Get about 10 people on your team 3. Put people on the enemy team 4.

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Watch the magic unfold. Hey, could it be explained why it's not loading? I like this, but it's still at a black screen for some reason. To start with, you want to be level 50 or so.

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If you don't have at least that, you're gonna have a bad time. Now, the thing to remember is that each of the four challenge characters is a specialist.

Heroine Rumble - camera controls

Don't try to beat them at their own game, you will lose. Challenge 1: Metalia Robot girl. She's mostly just tough. You can't stagger her, she can take a lot of hits before getting knocked down, and she hits pretty hard in return. Play hit and run with specials that knock her flat, then go straight for sex. Once you start fucking her, she goes down fast. Challenge 2: Aquia Complete slut. Also the hardest fight in the game. She's mediocre when it comes to knocking you down, heroine rumble game even when she does knock you down she'll play around with you for a while before going for the kill.

But when she does? She'll fuck you out of the fight so fast your head will spin. She's also basically immune to sex attacks. Beat her by beating the crap out of her with throws and non-H grapples. Challenge 3: Firena Fox girl.

She'll knock you to the floor in three or four hits. The good news is that once you're on the ground there's really not much she can do, but the damage she does while you're standing more than makes up for it. Strategy for her is the same as Metalia. Don't get hit and go straight to fucking her. Challenge 4: Lumia The blonde supermodel in white. Much like Aquia, Lumia's kind of meh when it comes to knocking you down.

Once you're on the ground however, she will break you. Unfortunately, she's resistant to both sex and non-H grapples.

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I generally just beat the crap out of her with throws and non-H moves, as that seems to work a bit better. Heroine Rumble v1. Author Comments. Features Fully animated Yuri focused, with optional futa Over 50 unique "positions" Story Mode with character progression Destructible and customizeable outfits Build your own character.

Game window size and controls are customizeable in-game under options. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer !

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Guide to beating the post-story challenge characters: To start with, you want to be level 50 or so. And of course, once you've beaten these ladies, you can fuck them to your heart's content. ViewsFaves: Votes Score 3. Tags adult hentai nsfw ryona. Dragon Fist 3 by DJStatika. Fast flowing, kung fu beat em up. With 42 characters, several fighting styles and weapons. Pegale a Cristina by Dereksgames. Hit the Argentina's President Ms. Slime Slayer by ourgames. Stop GMO by myplayyard. Fight the salad! Jump on the pumpkin to earn money. Kock Kombat by Rhete. DrClump holy hecc. Gettysburg John Wilkes Booth is an American hero.

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Heroine rumble game

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