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This is a really dumb twine. You have been warned. You have no boobs. Maybe you are a boy? Or just a flat-chested girl. It doesn't really matter. The important thing for the story is: no boobs. Grow Your Boobs. Your boobs grow a little bit!

You grow your boobs again and now they are really huge! You jiggle them back and forth and are amazed at how they shimmy and shake. Truly your tits are a glorious sight. You regularly stun passing men and some women, ha ha, because some women are lesbians, right? Or hell, who are we fooling, they're all secretly lesbians since this is porn: lesbians who will slavishly sleep with the main character dude, plus any other lesbians by which we mean any other women that they happen to find.

Where was I? Sometimes you even stun yourself, while looking in the mirror, or a reflective window, or even when you just look down. At this point, your boobs are truly gargatuan, bigger than any other boobs that you've ever seen before. Growing boobs game, young folks or even older folks without a lot of experience might think that a G-cup is totally huge, but for a lot of women, a G-cup isn't really a big deal.

We never really established much setting. Your tits are so big now that you have to be careful as you walk, because your center of balance has been thrown off by all this boobflesh! Your titmeat is heavy and pendulous, dragging the rest of your body back and forth.

You've got so much tatamass that you have to walk slower. It's on of your funbagheft, you think to yourself, that instead of walking you would prefer to sit and think of increasingly improbable words to describe your tits.


Wow, your boobs grow even bigger! Oh my gosh! You grow your boobs again, and now they're tits! They have traversed that nomenclatural divide and now the only word that can properly describe them is tits… because you apparently have a very limited vocabulary.

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Your boobs grow some more! Now they're noticable, whatever that means, and you strut around displaying them.

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You grow your boobs again, and now they are full handfuls. You put your hands on top of them, and they fill your hands. That's what a handful means. They can't notice that your boobs have grown! Not until it's time for the sexy sex scene, that is! Have you not figured out this game yet?

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What are you talking about? Did you forget that your boobflesh makes you clumbsy and stuff? What are you, a coward? Dexter Sinister.

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Luckily, some sort of happenstance, um, happens, and then your boobs grow again! Even if they're attracted to you as a person, you still want bigger tits. You think about not growing your boobs again, but it occurs to you that that's just crazy talk.

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