Games like trials in tainted space

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Trials in Tainted Space is a text-based erotic game, created by Fenoxo that involves full customization and freedom over your character. The game starts off with a guy impregnating a woman. Before the plot begins, players are free to choose their race, build, height, genitals, and their sizes. The whole story revolves around what you pick as your main traits. He is free to engage with them in whatever manner he likes. He can talk with them, develop a relationship with them, or have sex with them right off the bat.

If a player chooses to have sex with a character, he gets to choose how he would like to approach the said character, and what he wants to do with him in detail. The amazing thing about Trials in Tainted is the sheer amount of customization and freedom it gives to the player. The way he engages with the character will affect future encounters with said character in different ways. At its core, it is still an erotic game that involves the player having sex with other characters. If you are looking for similar games like Trials in Tainted Space, then look no further as we will be listing a handful of them.

All of them are mentioned right below:. Corruption of Champions is a similar text-based hentai game with games like trials in tainted space same level of customization levels as Trials in Tainted Space. The game starts off when the player finds himself teleported in a world full of sex-crazed monsters and demons. The player gets to interact with all these characters in multiple ways. Once a demon is defeated, players are free to leave them be, or rape them. Right after the success of Corruption of Champions, Fenoxo was glad to announce its direct sequel that featured the same original formula but with more improvements.

In Corruption of Champions 2, the player has plenty of more options for customizing his character. He is free to pick from a variety of races, how his character should look like, and what are his abilities. Another addition to the Corruption of Champions 2 was the addition of a companion that accompanies the main character along his journey.

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The combat is pretty much the same, with the only change that the companion helps in combat. Also, players get to have a lot more options when it comes to interaction with other characters. Fall of Eden is another text-based eroge game made by Fenoxo. Keep in mind the game still features lots of character customization and interaction. The game starts with the same settings as Corruption of Champions where the player gets to choose everything about his character. At the very start, the player gets overpowered by a few imps and a demon that rapes the character.

The story then develops and follows the journey of the character where he gets to interact with all kinds of characters. Similarly, he will have plenty of options for how he chooses to interact with said character. The main story involves the player meeting a goddess named Aria, after being randomly teleported into this world, who helps the player get out of this world.

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The player will have to complete a few quests before the goddess can give him aid. However, the game is made by a completely different developer. The game features the same text-based sexual themed gameplay that revolves around the main character. The highlight of this game is the variety of options of how the player can engage with enemies.

The player has a of things he can pull off during combat. Also, there are different combat modes that the player can pick from. Each one of them has their own series of advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a similar game to Trials in Tainted Space not because of the sexual-themed gameplay, but due to the amount of customization and freedom the player has over the gameplay, then this should be your first choice.

Kingdom of Loathing features the same formula as Trials in Tainted Space, just not sexualized. Some have even gone as far as saying it to be the exact spitting image of the game. In this game, the player is transported into a world of Loathing. The player has complete control over the character, in a text-based command system where he gets to interact with all kinds of characters and things.

Combat elements are also present in the game, where players are even allowed to make fun of their enemies.

NSFW Trials in Tainted Space w/ Blue, Pink, and Green Ep 2

These were the top 5 games that are just like the Kingdom of Loathing. Each one of these games offers a similar experience to Trials in Tainted Space. We highly suggest you pick any one of these games and get started playing it! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Games like trials in tainted space

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