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My friend and I recently played through The Forest and really enjoyed the how well the horror and story mixed with the survival aspects. Are there any games that scratch that same itch? Green Hell might be worth a try.

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The survival is more hardcore and its just not as good of a game by any means, but it borrows a lot of ideas from The Forest. Haven't tried co-op, but singleplayer is fun for a few days. Has some truly terrifying moments.

The story is good too and you stumble upon it as you progress, it's excellent. Stranded Deep can get pretty suspenseful at times. The vastness of the ocean makes you feel completely vulnerable to the elements and wildlife. I recently played it through and put a lot of time into building a base and I had an absolute blast. The Long Dark isnt exactly a survival horror game, but it is a very good survival simulation.

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Its still being worked on, has a story mode, and a very good art direction. Conan Exiles, ARK perhaps? Conan Exiles seems to go from catastrophically dangerous to laughably easy, specifically with the survival elements. Like, one you get two waterskins and an axe, you have plenty of everything.

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I know that some servers really crank that down though, so maybe I should find one of those to play on. Games similar to The Forest? Posted by 1 year ago.

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12 Games Like The Forest (Survival - Crafting - Basebuilding)

Its still being worked on, has a story mode, and a very good art direction I recommend it. Shit on PS4 so only bother if on PC. More posts from the TheForest community. Created Oct 27, Top posts may 11th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

Games like the forest reddit

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