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But getting to know your slave, training her, and leveling her up through quests are the main attractions. The tutorial shows you the ropes. Clicking on the screen gives you choices between how to dominate your slave. Things open up quickly once you get to the first new planet.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy wants you to fucking care about your slave. That means talking to her, monitoring her mood, feeding her, and getting to know her. You have to build up trust to get your slave to do more extreme shit. How you earn her trust is important, too. You level up your slave by building up her obedience to a certain point, then doing a quest for her.

She wants you to solve her problems and get to know her on a personal level. You could end up surprising yourself, though. If you treat her right, then your slave will slowly open up to you. The transformation might just get you in your feelings. Yes, you can pretty much mistreat her all the time.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy has a full narrative, outside of dominating your slave. You need allies in your fight in order to win. There are story reasons for you to explore games like slave lord planets, meet new characters, and undertake quests with your slave or on your own. You split your time between the main story and bonding with your slave, though everything ends up tying back to the main plot. This is mostly a point-and-click adventure. You have to be really accurate with the timing and precision of your mouse.

There are things like sword fighting and navigating your mouse cursor through a maze-like section. The puzzles can be a huge problem, too. In general, as long as you click around and pay attention to everything, you can solve the puzzles without a sweat. This is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things about Slave Lords of the Galaxy. If you figure the puzzles out, good for you! This game makes you learn about your slave.

You have to spend the days bonding with her, learning who she is, and molding her sexual style through the way you discipline her.

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Obviously, this is a video game, so not everything will be like in real life. But as far as games go, it gets to the themes of trust and obedience. The story and characters are interesting and hilarious, too. The art style is kind of hit-or-miss. Not enough to be a total turn-off, but noticeable anyway. Slamming your head against your keyboard will look like the best option after a while of trying and failing.

But, from following along and interacting with the RPG systems, you can learn along the way. Building up trust with your slave feels intuitive after a while. You can use the stats and progress bars as a guide for what to do next. The harsh discipline options can take some getting used to. S gamcore.

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Games like slave lord

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