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This guy has been shaping the online porn game scene since Princess Trainer, to the point that everyone wants to be Akabur 2. But, everyone respects him, and the general vibe is that his art and the game format that he pioneered are the best ways to tell a linear story about breaking down a girl psychologically and turning her into the ultimate sex slave. It takes the best parts of all of his other games and condenses them into one experience. His other games are responsible for some of my best late-night faps, and Star Channel 34 just made everything even better.

You finally games like princess trainer to have them all under one wing. The setting makes this possible by being completely ridiculous, and I love it. You broadcast your porn to pervy dudes across space, and your girls are your talent. You still get the standard Akabur gameplay of progressively increasing smut, so it always feels rewarding to play this game. You want to mix and match these girls as much as possible and unlock new scenes, all of which come with that expected high standard of quality. I like the concept of bringing together girls from different universes, literally, to one place for the purpose of having sex and literally nothing else.

All the assets from the games make some appearance here, but they all got a bit of a revamp and a bunch of new animations. I like that instead of starting from scratch, Akabur knew that we would love to see the girls make a return in their original form.

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Giant tits are a work of art and a work of nature. Still, there are some cute animations that you see in this game with some added polish. I mean that literally; the cute animations look polished. The chibi style is reserved for certain parts of the menu, like when you choose your actresses for a specific porn production. The rest of it is still drawn in high quality, realistic cartoon style with proper proportions. Talking to women is hands down the worst part of my day to day.

I like to think of it as the part that comes before the fucking, and naturally, I try to minimize it as much as possible. If I have to listen to a woman talk for more than 10 minutes at a time, I start to get restless leg syndrome. Plus, I kind of want to walk away. I appreciate Akabur for making the worst part of interacting with women one of the funnest parts of this game. This brings me to the next best part of this game, the quests.

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When Jasmine asks you to get a new kinky outfit for Praxis, this triggers a quest, and you get a new entry in your log. This is the kind of gameplay that really makes Star Games like princess trainer 34 worth your time. The girls give you quests that invariably lead to even more smutty situations. It always loops back in on the action. Without the quests, the game would be a lot more reminiscent of games like Witch Trainer, but the whole point to this game is that it is categorically not Witch Trainer.

The adventures are longer, funner, and generally more inspiring. It all flows together nicely, even though the quests are basically randomly thrown at you. I love this kind of gameplay in porn games. All the girls have sub-plots that you can pursue as you play your own plot, and you unlock some unique sex scenes that you can then re-watch.

And, on top of all that, you also get several menus that let you customize the girls. Yes, including but not limited to their clothing and some kinky accessories. Plus, all the outfits from the games make a comeback along with a ton of new ones to boot. I leave that to you. The game is entirely free to play, as are all other Akabur titles. So what are you waiting for? Go make some space porn! S akabur. Star Channel 34 S akabur. Conversations with Women Talking to women is hands down the worst part of my day to day. Space Quests When Jasmine asks you to get a new kinky outfit for Praxis, this triggers a quest, and you get a new entry in your log.

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Games like princess trainer

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