Games like insexual awakening

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Like Summertime Saga Game -- Top 5 Games with Links

I only know very obscure vore fetish games that are kind of like it. You can have sex with your mom, sister, neighbour's mom and many other characters. You utilize the power of hypnotism and make them do all kind of lewd stuff. Your choices will lead to different scenarios. I will give you something better. Sup Forums. I am looking for a game like insexual awakening Posts Miscellaneous Archive Home. I am looking for a game like insexual awakening What is the best game of this kind? January 9, - Other urls found in this thread: mega.

Yes, this game is really perfect, but not long enough. Shota game? Chichi miko! It even has english translation. Well I can find the following games that might peak your interest. Try changing the language setting from American to English.

Not him but they're identical links is the second link meant to be a different one?

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Thank you kindly though. I tried it but the game doesn't let you do anything in the room or leave it.

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Games like insexual awakening

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I am looking for a game like insexual awakening