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Once the code is typed press enter again to activate it.

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Elana champion of lust chapter 1 para android

Download links Download from Mega. About this game: Elana Champion of Lust is a game where you will have to bring back the natural order to an island where the people have lost and forgotten all about lust and passions.

ᐷ ELANA CHAMPION OF LUST ๑˙ CAPÍTULO 2 ˙๑ [Juego Nopor RPG] 〃Para Android〃

You will control Elana, a fairy who has found the energy of lust and passion that was once removed from the people. The next android version will be published when the chapter 2 reaches the Beta version. The inhabitants of the island stop reproducing so magic powers had to be used once more to create a cloning system, preventing them to become extinct. Years past and the removed lust energy concentrated, becoming aware of itself and finally turning into a physical form.

Once it was ready, it took a fairy as her champion that will accomplish the quest to return the lust where it should be, inside every inhabitant of the island. Start the game, when you are able to see all the towns, castle, forest etc. Press numpad 0, delete the 0 in the box, type or paste the cheat and press numpad 0 again. Alpha 1. The area have two possible endings but the rewards of the endings are not implemented yet.

Her chain of events begin the second time you go to the east of the island.

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Two of the events trigger only by walking there, then there is a clickable event in the path to the east same place where their first events triggers. Also now when you save and load a game the villagers who were in prison remain there. Also, once you have her, the essences of death will appear during night allowing Elana to heal her and sloth spirit with 9 images their base image in combat plus the attacks.

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The chain of events starts in the castle arrow on the right top corner of the Castleonce you have seen the guards during night three times. Content summary: 1 animation 37 images 14 events more or less To unlock them you have to see the strapon event in the farms. Every time you wake a composer 3 new events will appear, the area will level up and 2 new observing events will show.

Every time you wake an addict 1 or 2 new events will appear, the area will level up and 2 new observing events will show. To fully full this quest, you will also need another amulet of interdimensional vision, which can be purchased in the renegades area during night.

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Game rating: 5 Witches Pairing v0. Comment Name Website.

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