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Before you play this awesome ending link belowthere are a few issues I want to bring up in this post, please take the time to read it. We can finally release DFD Chapter 19, and we are including all of the epilogues and cheat codes which are now implemented in the chapter. These four epilogues were released monthly on Patreon, but since a lot of you feel you have waited too long for DFD Ch19 we wanted to include these too.

We have one coder, Ricky. That means Ricky works an insane amount of time every month, like the rest of the developers. Our awesome patrons make all of this possible, and it allows us to release our games for free, which is a promise we have never broken. The reason we released Double Homework for free first is mainly because it uses our new engine, VNE3. The new engine took a lot of time to code, and by releasing Double Homework before DFD19 it gave us an opportunity to test it live as soon as possible. With every episode of DH being released for free, the engine was updated. This is also the engine we will use for our Steam releases, meaning we need it to be as solid as possible.

Again, we apologize to all DFD fans who had to wait for chapter 19, but now you hopefully understand why. Play online Download Windows only. Backups: Do you need a backup for the online version if you have lost your progress from earlier chapters, or have not played the game before?

Cheat Codes: DFD CH19 has multiple sex scenes and endings depending on the girl you have been interacting with most and your choices in chapters. Please close all your browser tabs while playing and ensure that hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser. However, you can not mix download with online versions and vice versa if you want to continue your path.

For instance: If you played daughters for desert game first chapter online, you have to play the second chapter online.

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This is the nineteenth chapter and sequel to the eighteenth game. The epilogues are included directly at the end of the original chapter. It requires you to have finished the chapters before running this one because your choices have consequences and are saved.

A man and his partner run a small diner together. He discovers that one of his employees have been writing a popular series of taboo erotica about them, which catalyses a long journey of sexual self-discovery.

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Any bugs or issues? Please us at [ protected] or get in touch with us by ing our Discord channel. Soo I guess this is a goodbye to the characters I hope there will be more like season 2 I guess? Wow, its really nice for you to also include the epilogues.

People get anxious because they really love the games you make - thinking about treating myself to the patron content this Christmas. Thank you so much for the support, maybe see you over on Patreon soon! I started playing these when the very first episode was released, and frankly, I didn't think it was going to have 19 episodes.

The content quality blew me away, and the story has repeatedly blown me away with every single release. Well done, you talented folks, you! Great chapter, lots of content and some surprises in there too. I also really love the music that plays in the courtroom, sounds like a vocal track? I paused playing and just listened for a while. Glad you enjoyed it Alex, also happy to hear you enjoyed the music, we get a lot of positive comments about the music!

I'm glad you guys listen to us and explain why take so long to release de DFD Thank you for keeping your promise! Huge respect for the whole team of DFD! Thanks for an daughters for desert game experience.

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Merry Christmas Guys! Love from Asia! Just decided to drop in and see what's new. Lo and behold, chapter 19 dropped!

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Thank you so much! Definitely a great after Xmas gift or I suppose Boxing Day gift Just got through playing it. Great ending to a fantastic story. I got Amanda ending 2 I think after this initial playthrough. Poor Moe.

And thanks for including the Epilogue's as well! Thank you again for a fantastic series.

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Hello Rob, I hope you had a great Christmas. So glad to hear that you enjoyed CH19, I hope you enjoy the other endings! I wanted to thank the whole team for all this amazing saga that I've followed since the launch of the 2nd chapter, hours and hours that I spent playing and doing all the routes.

I was very moved by this game, to the point that I stopped following only the sex scenes and the story and its characters. I wish a happy to the whole team and keep playing amazing games, even though you can't support patreon know that you will always have my support and respect, you deserve much success.

I have been following this game and Love-t since chapter 2, I never supported Patreon because of the difference in the dollar and my currency, because otherwise I would support without hesitation.

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This game became my favorite not only because of the good story, the characters, the free release, because I was really thrilled with the chapters, instead of just a game where I play for sex scenes, if It has become a game in which I am even more interested in history than sex itself. Now that I will play your big final I want to thank the whole team of this amazing site from the heart, for providing not only this but all the other games I like too, and even though I can't help with money they know they will always have my support and respect for being so good at what they do.

Happymay you achieve even more this year because you deserve so much more. As a free user, I don't feel like I'm entitled to demand free stuff, you guys put a lot of work into this and is only fair you get paid. Thanks Palmer and everyone involved! Just about finished playing through the various endings. My own play through daughters for desert game me the neutral Amanda ending. I'm curious, though. Does anyone else wish there was a way to hook up with the prosecuting attorney?

Holy hell she's hot!! Was wondering though, which ending is considered Canon, because they are all so vastly different. I'm guessing it doesn't matter. I mean, whatever the choices you made are canon for your story, right? My personal favorite was the "Good Heidi" ending! LOVE you guys, thank you for an awesome game! Can't believe that this was free at first but man was I pleasantly surprised.

Great Work! If I download the ch19 from here, do I have to download the epilogues separately? I can see different epilogues to download for each girl.

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What are those for? I'm confused. Nope, In this version the epilogues are included directly at the games end. The separate ones were the Patreon versions. Is their any continuation like season 2 of dfd. If their it will be so awesome I played Heidi epilogue but it ended so soon.

And it said I completed just ending not epilogue ending of Heidi. Where I went wrong? Plz reply faster zed we already had conversation about other chapters. Hey Henry, if you're having problems, please report them to bug-reports on our Discord. Their a bug in chapter 12, As i complete half chapter the game reload. It keeps on reload as it reaches half chapter. Plz fix this. Hey Henry, please provide us some more information maybe quicker on Discord so we can help. What browser are you playing on?

The story is so good as well as the characters, is so good i cant even beat my meat to it since the story is so thought out and potrayed. Thanks for the great story guys! I especially enjoyed the good Heidi and good Lily endings!

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Lily is so goddamn cute I just want to put her up on a shelf somewhere. Hi Henry, the epilogue should start straight after the games end, what are you seeing?

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. Merry Christmas to us fans! Merry Christmas to you! Hope you enjoy it! Aw yees.

Daughters for desert game

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DFD Ch 2 released for free!