Crusoe had it easy happily ever after

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Why You Shouldn't Hold Your Pee In

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Ep 6. Easter Bunny Wakes Up Grumpy Wiener Dog!

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Jun 6, 1, Why does this game get 5 stars? Half the endings involve violence, rape, and death. The other half involve being blue-balled. Its not a good game by any measure. Thank goodness the developer used this as an opportunity to improve with his future games, because this one is borderline shovelware. A handful of choices in a ten minute playthrough does not deserve 5 stars.

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This game is literally nothing compared to summertime sage, not to mention this game is literally nothing but a bunch of rape endings or no endings, like wtf is this shit, if you are going to enjoy an adult visual novel don't have rape in it, I mean god damn dude seriously.

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Crusoe had it easy happily ever after

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