Breeding season game

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And now it has been cancelled.

USA Gamefowl Breeding Season 2021 #USAGAMEFOWL

One side claims that art director Vladimir Sandler has scarpered with many art assets for the game to start up his own project. Sandler, however, claims that the new game — Cloud Meadow — is an attempt to save what remained of Breeding Season.

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I allowed him to retain the rights to his artwork, under the assumption that if either of us ever chose to leave the project that they would be able to then sell their portion of the product to the other, or negotiate for royalties. Consistently throughout the project I have regretted that decision.

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He has not only completely violated my trust and the trust of our team on every level, but the trust of every single patron who ever paid us anything. He has also apparently rebutted offers to buy back the assets.

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None of the other members want to continue on the project after this. HBomb has given you an incomplete and misleading view of the situation.


My new project Cloud Meadow was not made to simply steal the profits of Breeding Season for myself, but to actually save what I could of the Breeding Season Project, and deliver on the spirit of the promises made by the project.

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Breeding season game

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