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Top 100 BEST Flash Games Ever Made For PC ➢MUST TRY IF You are A GAMER -Top 100 Mini Games of 2020

Whether it gets me class or a boring shift at work, Flash games are pretty essential to keeping me awake. How about you Reddit? Also, I immensely enjoyed some flash game a Redditor posted in a comments section a long time ago, but I forgot the name of it. Basically, it was a puzzle game about an old man and his wife.

Links anyone? So, I played this for about 30 minutes and had no idea what I was doing other than running around and killing things. Is there a bigger objective or was I doing it right? Woah, this really reminds me of one flash game I played in which you had to go through random levels, and I believe if you killed a monster you obtained the ability to play as it.

There were a bunch of classes I want to say over 50? The art style is the same, and I think even the music is the same. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Now this is going to really bother me. EDIT: dammit, i hate having to change the resolution on my monitor, one of the problems i have with a wide screen monitor is flash programs almost always don't fit on the screen. Spin the Black Circle. Robot Unicorn Attack? Damnit whenever a flash game list comes up this always has to Tetris Friends. Robot Unicorn Attack.

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Oh and Wallace and Gromit - Invention Suspension. The propaganda is meh, but if you ignore it, the game is bad ass.

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Elona Shooter. Cursed Treasure: Don't touch my Gems! Bubble Tanks 2. Seriously, give Elona shooter a try, its simple enough to jump into but has alot of depth if you get into it. Wow, nobody has said Super Mario Crossover yet? Edit: Short to play through, but totally rad. Not many chain reaction games out there, and most of them feel like you're not making any decisions. Fantastic Contraption. Urban Rivals. Cargo Bridge. I wish there were more like cargo bridge you know, besides the sequels. I played this first, it convinced me to buy the actual game. I think the 2d practice made the real thing less challenging and fresh.

But I still am in love with it. Reddit, what are your top 5 Flash games of all time?

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Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Purple Cube! I remember him! Thank you. This is my exact list, seriously. I fucking love almost everything at Nitrome. Never tried 1 Cursed Treasure: Don't touch my Gems! Infectionator Any Bubble Tanks 2 Seriously, give Elona shooter a try, its simple enough to jump into but has alot of depth if you get into it.

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Best online flash games reddit

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/r/Games what are your favorite flash games?