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While The Flash is among the most popular Arrowverse shows, it's not immune to a few criticisms from fans of the show. Whether it's the many villains that show up across the seasons or a discussion of the faithfulness of the adaptation of the comic books the show is based on, there are plenty of opinions on all these and more from the fandom. Redditin particular, is home to many opinions on the show and its characters, some of which are controversial views that only a few fans agree with.

Each unpopular opinion sparks a conversation among fans, who present different views on the things they love and hate about the show and some insight into the lightning-fast world of The Flash. The Flash has had several villains, including Reverse-Flash who was the first major villain Barry had to face.

One fan shared their opinion on this villain on Redditstating that he isn't interesting, especially because he and Barry share the same powers. Reverse-Flash is one of the most powerful villains on The Flashespecially because he's a speedster and has a connection to Barry's tragic childhood. With a speedster villain, Barry has more of a challenge since they're equally matched, which is why they're counted among the best. However, watching a face-off between two people with similar powers can easily get boring, which makes this view understandable — unpopular though it is.

One of the consequences of Flashpoint was Wally becoming the speedster, Kid Flash. Most fans were excited about the development, especially because best flash games of all time reddit its comic book origins, and welcomed the new addition to the Flash family with open arms. However, a fan on Reddit had a different opinion and they believed Wally should have ed Legends of Tomorrow right after.

Surprisingly, most fans prefer Kid Flash over Flash, and some entertained the theory that he would take over the hero's mantle if the Flash truly vanished during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. All four of these were major villains on T he Flash. The issue of which of them was the best one is a topic of many debates, but most favor speedsters as the best villains.

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Since Savitar was Barry from the future, he technically fit in this box but the execution of his storyline left most of the audience unsatisfied with him as a villain, much like Devoe whose storyline dragged on for much too long. Devoe wasn't a speedster like Barry but was able to outwit him for an entire season and Savitar had a more personal connection to him. However, Reverse-Flash killed Barry's mother, and Zoom killed his father, leading to some of the best storylines on The Flashmaking the two villains incomparable to others.

Most seasons of The Flash consist of a of episodes that focus on relationships between the characters and reinforcing the fact that Barry's greatest strength isn't just his super speed, but also his heart. Social media comments on the show generally express discontent over episodes focusing on anything other than Barry fighting villains.

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One Reddit userhowever, commented that the show needs more heart and romance and not less. Love and romance add an extra layer to the stories best flash games of all time reddit The Flashalthough the show hasn't yet found the best formula for balancing it with the action, resulting in several filler episodes of emotional fluff that fans sometimes find annoying. A lot of these were storylines the fandom didn't really enjoy, especially Cicada I who felt like a drawn-out villain and contrived to be unbeatable for the sake of stretching out the plot.

One fan on Reddit commented that season 5 wasn't as bad as everyone claims it was. There were moments that dragged on, like the Cicada plot, but they were balanced out with interesting storylines like Nora and Thawne working together, her backstory leading to the discovery of her powers, and Thawne's return.

Whether the team is big or small, Barry relies on them to help take down villains and protect Central City. In a post about unpopular opinions of the show on Redditone fan commented that the Flash shouldn't have a team and would be better off working alone. The show might be able to pull off the Flash running around — literally — for a season or two, but after a while, that would become boring to watch.

Each member of Team Flash comes with their own stories, like Caitlyn and her Killer Frost arc or the many versions of Wells featured. They add to the intrigue of the show, even though sometimes their storylines feel like they bog it down. In season 4, episode 2, "Mixed als," Iris and Barry were working through some problems in their marriage. Iris was upset over Barry entering the speed force at the end of the season, while Barry argued he had to save the city. When they finally talked, Barry told her it was his responsibility as the Flash to make those kinds of sacrifices and Iris corrected him and said, "we are the Flash.

Most fans on social media complain about this line, although one fan on Reddit said they didn't mind it. While it may have felt like Iris was taking credit for the Flash, the context of the conversation shows that she was telling him their marriage meant she was there to share his burdens and troubles related to being the Flash, rather than him facing them alone. In a post of unpopular opinions about the Arroweverse on Redditone fan said that they found Barry to be annoying, stubborn, arrogant, and unlikable.

The post explained that he often acted like he was right all the time and didn't listen to anyone until it was too late. Finding the main character of the show unlikable is quite a controversial view, even if it might be valid.

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Barry certainly had moments when he went against everyone else, like his actions leading to Flashpoint. But most of the time, he learns and grows from his mistakes, which is why Team Flash has such a prominent role in his life. As the first major villain on The Flash, Reverse-Flash holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many fans. Not only is he a formidable match for Barry because they have similar skills, but their relationship also adds an emotional component to the whole story that makes the villain memorable.

At first, his return was interesting but the more it happened, the less intriguing it got.

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One fan on Reddit argued that breaking down his actual appearances, he only returned a handful of times. While that may be true, the impact he had on main storylines such as Nora West-Allen's appearance may be the reason why most fans felt like they got a little too much of him.

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Across the fandom on Redditfans have varying opinions on which season out of those that have aired was the best. Most agree that the earlier seasons were good but the quality declined as the show continued. One fan on Reddit however, commented that all the seasons are good. This opinion is subjective and relies quite a bit on a fan's individual tastes. However, based on most Reddit thre about the show, some seasons fare better than others.

While this may be true, each season has storylines that save it, like Bloodwork's arc in season 6 or the reveal of Savitar's identity in season 3. She fell in love with reading at the age of 10 after discovering that her favorite movie, Matilda, was based on a novel.

That led to her first in-depth analysis of literary work to her mom and anyone who'd listen. If she's not reading or writing stories with crazy plot twists, she's bingeing a new series and ranting about character arcs and plot holes. Or she's eating French fries.

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