Montura „D Rig” este sau nu mai eficienta ca firul de par clasic in pescuitul la crap?

Monturile D Rig sunt subiectul celor mai noi tehnici de pescuit la crap. Inventatorul monturii D Rig, Danny Fairbrass, a folosit-o cu un real succes atat in lacurile nationale cat si in cele internationale. A reusit sa perfectioneze montura in asa fel incat sa functioneze perfect si sa camunfleze la maxim acul.

Montura D rig este perfecta in pescuitul crapului cu boiles, dar nu numai. Bineinteles ca in montura se poate folosi nenumarate momeli ca patratica, pasta si dece nu inel de viermi. La finalul materialului, dupa versiunea in limba engleza, puteti viziona un video in care va prezentam cum se realizeaza montura D Rig. 

Fire intinse si zbuciumate la maxim!

These new IQ D-Rigs are easily the most talked-about presentation from the latest Underwater films. Not only that but the rig’s inventor, Danny Fairbrass, has used it to great effect both at home and abroad in the last couple of seasons. He’s been steadily tweaking the rig to get it working perfectly, and you can benefit because it’s now available in ready-tied form.

It has to be said that Dan’s version of the D-rig can be a little daunting to tie, so we’ve taken all the complexity out of your fishing with these impeccably tied ready rigs. They have been hand-tied to Dan’s exacting specifications, even down to the whipping knot. The IQ D-rig is a fabulous rig to use for wary carp, thanks to its inherent stiffness and the superb anti-eject properties that the swivel sliding on the large D arrangement gives.

The IQ D-rig is perfect for use with a boilie approach and Dan nearly always uses it with one of his wafter hook baits, which just sit above the hook when on the lake bed. The rigs are available in barbed and barbless variants, and in sizes four, which is tied to 15lb IQ2, six, which is tied to 12lb IQ2 and eight, which is tied to 10lb IQ2.


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