Agora Tower Taipei – cel mai provocator proiect din Taipei

Agora Tower, Taipei este cel mai provocator proiect din Taipei. Construit pe ultimul si cel mai mare lot de teren disponibil din zona rezidentiala a orasului  Taipei. Agora Tower este un proiect green, care incearca sa satisfaca atat nevoile de spatiu pentru locuit, arhitectura constructiei in forma de ADN si incorporarea a unei suprafete cat mai mari vegetatie. Agora Tower.



On the last and biggest parcel of land available for residential use in taipei city, vincent callebaut ‘s twisting, foliage-filled ‘agora tower’ will preside over the rest of the urban xinyin district. the architect, known for his distinct eco-vision, has designed a high-density space that aims at limiting the ecologic footprint of its inhabitants by forging a symbiotic relationship between the urban dweller and nature. tall planted balconies of suspended orchards, organic vegetable gardens and and medicinal greenery will take root in the high-performance building. in true cradle-to-cradle fashion, even the construction process transforms itself;

industrial waste will be returned as a ‘technical nutrient’ to be indefinitely recycled. the helicoidal towers appropriate their form from the structure of DNA, conceptually speaking to the building blocks of life, as well as dynamism and twinning. four types of housing units form a full level allowing their twisting forms to optimize space for open-air hanging gardens. the angled apartments additionally offer exceptional views of the bustling city by multiplying the transversal views of the overall east-west rhomboidal pyramid. corbelled floors provide structure and privacy.

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