Vittorio Brumotti goes crazy Anghel Saligny bridge

Vittorio Brumotti, bike trial world champion, goes crazy.
He entered three times in the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to some sporting enterprises. On 6 December 2008 , at the Motor Show of Bologna has competed overcoming obstacles 28 and 17 May 2009 in Sardinia has dipped from 17 meters with the bike in the waters off the Grotta del Bue Marino in Cala Gonone.

Shortly after he returned to Sardinia for a new record on top of the spire of Punta natural Caroddi, a peak at about 150 meters above sea level, has made ​​71 jumps on the single rear wheel. His first record was presented to the program The show records conducted by Barbara d’Urso .

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