SEAT Leon Cup Racer 2013. Divizia sport din cadrul SEAT a lansat anul acesta noul masina de competitie. Cu un aspect impresionant si performante tehnice fara precedent, Stafful Seat isi pune mari sperante in acest prototip.

SEAT is stating its unequivocal commitment to motorsport and to its customers racing teams at the legendary 2013 Wörthersee GTI meet in the Austrian region of Kärnten. The undeniable hero on the SEAT stand in the town of Reifnitz on the south bank of the Wörthersee is the new Leon Cup Racer. It already gives a very clear indication of what a SEAT touring car racer might look like, prepared for a wide range of racing series worldwide. The 330 hp / 243 kW SEAT Leon Cup Racer forms the basis for the development work and test drives to be undertaken over the coming months.

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